Do you love you body?



“Your words have so much power. Every day, if you tell yourself ‘I love you,’ if you give yourself one word of validation, it will change your mind.” — Ashley Graham

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Do you love your body?

If our thoughts are powerful enough to affect everything we do, then how do we think about our bodies?   Do we give them enough love? Do we give them enough rest? And finally do we give them enough healthy foods, water, exercise and fresh air?  

I think if you do you will find that your body can be a pleasant place to live.  Happy Monday!

From Coach Matt


1. I love my body, just the way it is.
2. My body is the perfect size, shape and weight.
3. I give my body what it wants.
4. My body is healthy, strong, and radiant.
5. I treat my body like royalty.



I went to my diabetes doctor the other day and he walks in and the first thing he says is, “Diabetes is a grind.”  I couldn’t understand him at first because he had his mask on and it’s kind of hard to understand him.

I said, “Oh wait what did you say?”  He repeats himself and says, ” Diabetes is kind of like a grind.”  He explained how it’s always going on and it’s always something you have to monitor and keep up with.  You don’t get a break from diabetes management.  There is no vacation from it.  (I tried that, but that didn’t work) It’s just there with you all the time and you have to live with it and manage it.  

And for the most part, I do a great job with it.  But there are times that it gets a little out of control.  Either my blood sugar goes too high or the times where my blood sugars go too low.  Going low does not feel good at all.

Managing diabetes is kind of like LIFE.  

In life, you have emotional highs and emotional lows.  You have good times and bad.  And one of the things I learned along the way is that consistency is key.

I have an exercise schedule I try and follow consistently.  I have an eating schedule I try and follow consistently.  I have a sleeping schedule I try and follow consistently.  I have a work schedule I try to follow consistently as well.  

Life is a grind and so is diabetes.  

We get through it and we keep going.  

If I can do it, so can you.  

Keep grinding towards your goals.
Keep grinding towards your dreams.
Keep grinding towards your path.  

One day you will find yourself on the other side of all of it and look back and see that it was all part of the divine of life.  Amen?  Amen!    

From Coach Matt 


1) Life is a grind
2) I wake up motivated.
3) I wake up hungry to work.
4) I live my life with purpose.
5) I am always thankful.  
6) I can see the positive amazing things around me all the time.



QUOTE OF THE DAY: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Zig Ziglar

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I set a personal goal to ride my bike 42 miles in my 42nd year of life.  I wanted to do this goal soon after I turned 42 but the holidays were a busy time and I was not able to do it then.  I put it off for a while but still had it in the back of my mind.  

Over the summer I felt like it was too hot to achieve this goal so when the cooler weather hit I felt like it was the perfect time to do this. 

It required me to ask my wife to agree to give me about 4 hours on a Sunday morning off and then a route to do it.  It would be a really cool bonus to have another rider with me. 

I sent out some text messages to my biking group and they said they could maybe join me. 

The weekend of this event I still did not have a definite go-to person. 

I prayed about it and asked God.  I said Lord please help me find another rider.  After I tried my personal friends and those plans didn’t work out.  I was searching desperately for another person to come.  I texted friends.  I posted on my Run Matt Run page but no one responded. 

At some point on Saturday morning, I felt like I heard God say – just wait and let my plans unfold.  I was like OK GOD.  I will wait and see how this will unfold. 

You see I am a planner.  I like to know the plan ahead of time. 

The plan that happened was a great plan and totally worked.  Karen texted the group text on Saturday at about 1:30 p.m. that she could ride the downtown loop.  I said great, let’s do it. 

We set up a time and it happened. 

The joy, and fulfillment, and elation, and adventure and fun of completing the goal were all there.  It was so cool. 

I even randomly ran into my wife and kids who had a play date at the park at mile 40.5.  They were cheering me on as I passed them.

Anna wanted me to stop and so I did and we talked for a minute or two. 

What a fun way to start the day!

The ride itself wasn’t that hard.  There were a couple of hill climbs but nothing crazy.  Karen and I had the same “sense” of direction and rode by feel instead of an exact planned out route.  I am kind of directional challenged.  But we figured it out!

What are some of your goals?  You still have time to do them by the end of the year!

Once you started setting goals and completing them it makes you realize how capable you actually are and how amazing your body is. 

For me, the event in my head, is always bigger and harder, than the actual event itself.  Such was the case for this.

Happy Monday!

From Coach Matt

p.s. Our family made it to the pool this weekend and was a great joy!

1) Today I will take a big step toward reaching my goals.
2) My mind is energized, clear and focused on the process of my goals.
3) I free myself from the doubt and pessimism that keep me from achieving my goals.

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Garmin DATA Of the RIDE

Me at the end of my 42 mile RIDE.

Karen and I near the end of the RIDE

When life throws you a curve ball…


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “When life throws you a curve ball, don’t let it knock you down and keep you down.  Get up, re-adjust, brush yourself off, and keep it moving forward.” 
~ George Bronner ~

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Most days in Austin, TX go pretty well.  We live in a great city, with lots of cool trails to run on.  We have some pretty cool bike lanes throughout a lot of the city.  In fact, I rode on some this weekend from North Austin to downtown and back.  That was fun!  32 miles!

We wanted to go to the pool this Sunday and we ended up driving all the way to the Round Rock YMCA on Sunday, only to get there and find out that the pool was closing early.  So no swimming! 

I was kind of sad and mad because of this.  All my wife wanted to do all weekend was go swimming.  She tried on Saturday but they didn’t have enough lifeguards to open the family pool  And then Sunday didn’t work out either.  But ya know that just happens sometimes in life. 

I tried to think of all the other cool things that happened that day. 

Sometimes I think of this quote or idea that some child in Africa is dreaming about having my worst day ever.  We have it so good.  We live in a wealthy country in a great city.  And we often forget that.  So it’s all relative I guess.  And we can take the proper perspective on it. 

So get up, re-adjust, brush yourself off and keep it moving forward.

From Coach Matt

p.s. Here is a little fun rap song I did about our final quarter 4 class we are starting today. 

Quarter 4 – Fitbit Rap by Coach Matt

1) I am filled with gratitude
2) I am filled with grit and determination
3) I am equipped with everything I need
4) I am a boss
5) I am blessed