A journey of a thousand miles…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Have you ever thought about an impossible task before you and been paralyzed by fear?  Sometimes you just need to take the next best step toward that goal or task.  There is always a way or a step in the right direction.

Happy Monday!  Let’s put our best foot forward and take some positive steps in the right direction in the journey of our lives.


1) I rejoice in the journey that is before me. 

2) I am divinely guided and supported in my journey.

3) The possibilities of my journey are endless.

“People always ask, “How do you break mental barriers?” “How do you find the motivation?” “How do you keep going when things get hard? It’s simple. You just do. You simply take the next step.” – James Lawrence the IRON COWBOY  

From Coach Matt

What story are you telling yourself?


QUOTE OF THE DAY: The only story that matters is the one you tell yourself.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  I was listening to some motivational material and this one idea stuck out at me.  The story that you tell yourself matters. 

At the beginning of every Fitbit class I coach, I tell them a story.  I tell them that when they sign up for my Fitbit class they automatically become a Fitbit Champion.  I repeat this story over and over again every 12 weeks because I think it matters.  I think if you tell yourself you are a Fitbit Champion then you will do certain things differently.  You might get more steps in that day or that week.  You might eat healthier.  You might eat like a champion.  You might even believe in yourself in a new and different way.  You might make up a whole new different story about yourself.  How cool is that? 

What story are you telling yourself?  Is it a positive one?  Or is it negative and needs some work? 

This week I challenge you to work on the story you tell yourself.  Work on feeding your mind positive and inspirational and motivational material. 

I have been using an app called Motiversity.  So check that out if you don’t know where to start. 

Let’s have a great week!

From Coach Matt

1) I envision a wonderful future for myself and the world.
2) I forgive myself for being imperfect.
3) My greatest glory is in rising every time I fall.