Keep the momentum…



“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”  ~Michael Korda 


I recently downloaded an app called Mindset by Motiversity.  It has tons of motivational audio tracks on it.  If you are looking for a way to listen to motivational audio tracks on the go, I would highly recommend it.  

The following thoughts have come out of listening to these motivations:

Life is about creating momentum.

Small improvements in your life can keep you going.

Small steps towards the life you desire can change you.

How do you create this momentum Matt? 

Well, one of the ways is to always have a greater goal in front of you.  

I like to run.  That’s no big secret, right?
In addition, I like to have several goal races.

This year was a little different because all the races were canceled. But I do have a small neighborhood organized run this coming Saturday, December 5th.  So I am super excited about that. 

Sometimes people ask me why I run, or I ask myself why I run and workout. 

The reasons are many, but here are a few: 

1) I can get better and most of all I can stay healthy and keep going.

2) If I have a bad day, I can run.  If I have a good day, I can run.  If I have a great day I can run. Bam! It can always be there for me.

3) I get my 15,000 daily steps in most every day and more because I like to move my body.  It feels good in my mind, body, and soul to run. It changes me and helps me be better.
4) When I run or bike or workout I can access a different flow state than I can when doing anything else that I know how to do.  It activates a different part of my brain than I normally use. It puts me into a different mindset.
5) Sometimes I solve problems when I run.  Sometimes something spiritual happens like I feel an army of angels running with me.  
6) I almost always feel better after I do it.  

So what drives me to keep up my momentum? 
All the above reasons and more. 
I like to run.  I enjoy running with other people.  And it does something in my body, mind, and soul like nothing else I know. 

I hope to keep running as long as I am healthy and uninjured. 

What ways do you have to keep the momentum going in your life?

Happy Monday! TGIM!

From Coach Matt

1) I know I have the ability to achieve my goals in life.
2) All of my problems have solutions.
3) I am enough.

Silence is the language of God…


Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. ~ Rumi

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It’s Thanksgiving week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s continue our practice of gratitude by naming three things you are thankful for.  Mine are below: 

1) I am thankful for being alive.
2) I am thankful for nature and it’s healing power.
3) I am thankful for my family and friends who I will be spending time with this week as part of our Thanksgiving celebration. 

I am thankful and grateful you are part of Matt’s Motivational Monday!


1) I will listen to the silence and learn from what it teaches me.
2) I will look forward to what God is doing in my life.
3) My body and mind are a temple of the Holy Spirit and I will treat them that way.  

Peace be with you.

From Matt

Gratitude again (really?)



“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”
~ Melody Beattie


Matt, you have mentioned gratitude for the past three TGIM posts.
Isn’t that enough?  

It might or not be.  I am not sure.

Here is a short article about the benefits of gratitude.  Gratitude really can change your life.  It is an easy practice that anyone can do.  You can do it anywhere.  You can do it in any situation, and November is the perfect time to do it.  We are about 10 days before the actual Thanksgiving day holiday.  

I have been doing a gratitude challenge on Facebook where I post three things a day I am thankful for.  My mom is also emailing me three things she is grateful for.  It’s fun to share the gratitude with each other. 

What are you thankful for today?  

Another question or way to put it is, what if you woke up tomorrow with the only things you were grateful for today?  

The three things I am grateful for today are:

1) I am thankful and full of gratitude for the gift of today.
2) I am thankful and full of gratitude for the gift of my home.
3) I am thankful and full of gratitude for the gift of my wife’s companionship.  

Here is a gratitude meditation full of gratitude quotes that I listen to often.  In fact, it’s where I got today’s quote. 

Try it.  Reply and let me know what you are thankful for today.  

It just might change your outlook for the rest of the day.
It just might change the course of your life.  
It just might change your heart. 

Melody Beattie also said, “It’s so easy to look around and notice what’s wrong. It takes practice to see what’s right.”


1) I find deep pleasure in the human existence.
2) I am grateful for each day, but leave each day behind so I can welcome new ones with open arms.
3) I find thankfulness is the little things in life.

TGIM! Happy Monday!

From Coach Matt

Birthday week + keep the gratitude…



“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
― Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I am the kind of guy who likes celebrations.  I am the kind of guy who likes to celebrate my birthday.  So in case you didn’t know this Wednesday, November 11th, Veteran’s Day is my birthday. 

I plan to go to Camp Gladiator from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and then I have a birthday run scheduled at 7:00 a.m. for 5 miles.  I anticipate that it will be a good day.

What kind of things do you like to do to celebrate your birthday?

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And since it’s still November let’s continue with the gratitude. 

What are three things you are thankful for today?

Some of mine are listed below:

Playing ping pong with my sister Jenny, Eric, and Ashley.
Laughter with my family.
Watching Emily and Anna do gymnastics.
I am thankful for walks in nature.
I am thankful for a good night of sleep.
I am thankful and full of gratitude for running water at my house.
I am thankful and full of gratitude for Bethany United Methodist Church.
I am thankful and full of gratitude for our calm and quiet neighborhood.

Let’s have a great Monday.  TGIM! 


1) I accept my wonderful and beautiful self. 
2) I love myself unconditionally. 
3) The love I have for myself exudes out to others. 

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“Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches.”

~ Richelle E. Goodrich
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I have always had a slight fascination with smiley faces.  And so this quote made me smile inside.  I might have even chuckled out loud when I read it. 

November has always been a special month for me.  My birthday is in November.  Thanksgiving is in November.  And it looks like the weather is finally getting cooler here in Austin, Texas, which is a general plus as far as I am concerned. 

November signifies we have two months left in the year.  And what a CRAZY year this has been. 

November also signifies a focus on gratitude.   In the past, it has been beneficial, fun, and meaningful to focus on gratitude for most of the month. 

What are you grateful for today?
What is on your gratitude list? 


1) Gratitude grounds me to the present moment.
2) Gratitude reminds me of all of my blessings.
3) I joyfully embrace each new day with gratitude.