A goal is a dream with a deadline.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: A goal is a dream with a deadline.  
~Napolean Hill

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I just finished the Austin Marathon.  That’s 26.2 miles of fun and difficult racing all around Austin, TX.  I signed up for the race so I had a natural deadline.  Races are very black and white that way.  You sign up to do a race.  It has a specific day and time that it takes place.  You then train to do that distance and show up on race day to complete it.

Now if the rest of life was that easy I would be set.  

There are some ways to set other goals in your life too.  

What goals will you set this week?
How will you make this day an amazing day?
What can you do today to take one step today your next goal? 

Special thanks to my friends and family who were supporting me along my marathon journey!

Happy Monday!
Let’s do this!

From Coach Matt 


1) I believe in myself.
2) I believe in my goals and dreams.
3) This week I will I set one goal with a deadline. 

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