A goal is a dream with a deadline.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: A goal is a dream with a deadline.  
~Napolean Hill

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I just finished the Austin Marathon.  That’s 26.2 miles of fun and difficult racing all around Austin, TX.  I signed up for the race so I had a natural deadline.  Races are very black and white that way.  You sign up to do a race.  It has a specific day and time that it takes place.  You then train to do that distance and show up on race day to complete it.

Now if the rest of life was that easy I would be set.  

There are some ways to set other goals in your life too.  

What goals will you set this week?
How will you make this day an amazing day?
What can you do today to take one step today your next goal? 

Special thanks to my friends and family who were supporting me along my marathon journey!

Happy Monday!
Let’s do this!

From Coach Matt 


1) I believe in myself.
2) I believe in my goals and dreams.
3) This week I will I set one goal with a deadline. 

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.”  ~ Frank Sonneberg 

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: This week was an interesting one.  Monday was rolling along fine because I mean it’s Monday.  How can you have a bad day if it’s Monday?  And then Tuesday rolled along and I did some running up and down some pretty tough hills for my morning run.  But it looked like my training had paid off and I conquered the hills with relative ease. 

On Tuesday for lunch,  I decided to go to the bank and then head over to Bicycle Sports Shop to check out some road bikes.  This is where my week gets really interesting. 

While I was at Bicycle Sports Shop, my car got broken into and some people stole the cash I had gotten from the bank.  So I had a broken window, a ton of broken glass, and some stolen cash.  The police were called.  The whole thing was captured on the security cameras from the Bicycle Sports Shop.  The police did not show up for this minor non emergency event. 

I looked at some bikes and the guys in the bike shop commented on how calm I was.  I put a deposit on one of the bikes that I can pick up later. 

Some people say that life will keep giving you lessons until they are learned.  I definitely learned my lesson on this one and will be getting cash from the bank in a different way from now on.  I will use a different bank location and do it differently.  But at the same time I realize this type of thing might happen again.  Someone might steal something from me again.  My wife was thankful I did not get held up by gun point and I was okay. 

What life lessons does your life keep throwing your way?
Did you learn any lessons from life this week?  

Let me know by replying to this message and telling me what life has been teaching you.  

It has also been said that a smart man can learn from his mistakes, but a wise man can learn from the mistakes of others.  

On this amazing and lovely Monday that I thank God for, let’s share our life lessons.  Let’s share our wisdom.  Let’s share the things that went right.  Let’s share our goals.  Let’s grow together.  Let’s be better together.  

Are you ready for the beautiful adventures of life this week?
Are you open to what God might be saying to you this week?
Are you open to the lessons that are coming your way?  

I know I am. 
Let’s have a great Monday.  

From Coach Matt  


1) I will learn from my mistakes.
2) I will be open to what my inner intuition is telling me.  
3) I will listen to the wisdom of others in my life. 

Improve 1% each day


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Improve 1% every day.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Imagine if you improved one thing in your life for the next year by 1% a day.  What if you just took one little step towards that goal every day?  Consistent hard work over time equals improvement.  It equals amazing.  It equals a better you.  It equals better nutrition, better mental health, or a better relationship.  Or whatever else that goal is. 

That is exactly what I have done with Matt’s Motivational Monday email list and website and now Facebook page.  It is consistently taking the time to do what you are passionate about and continue to keep doing it time and time and time again.  Eventually, you will see the results you are looking for. 

This week may you improve 1% in your steps taken, in your miles walking, in your healthy eating, in your meditation, in your journal efforts, in your exercise, in your dreaming or in whatever area of life you want to improve.  

Never give up.
Keep going.  
Follow the path that is in front of you.
Keep trying.  Keep improving a little each day. 

Here is an article if you want to read more:


1) Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.
2) I wish the best for everyone.
3) I must be the change I wish to see in the world

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