Moving forward or backward




In life, you’re either moving forward or backwards, towards something or away from it, growing stronger or becoming weaker. Always strive to be in a constant positive motion.  – Michael Irwin

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: How did you guys do with getting 150 minutes of exercise in last week?  Did you make it?  Or did you make some progress towards it?

In life you are either moving forward or backwards.  Sometimes it might be 3 steps forward and in the right direction and then back 2 steps, but that means you are still 1 step ahead right?

How were your food choices this week?  Is that moving your forward or backwards in your life?

I try to limit my sugar intake each week.  And I make sure and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Am I always successful? No.  And in that case, I always have tomorrow to try again. 

Did you laugh this week?  I listen to this podcast called Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins and it makes me laugh weekly 🙂 (


1) I am moving forward in my life.
2) I strive to be in constant positive motion.
3) I don’t take myself too seriously and can laugh at myself

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