150 minutes



 Adults need 150 minutes of exercise according to the MAYO clinic and the American Heart Association.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Are you getting 150 minutes of exercise a week? Are you part of the 22% percent of Americans who are getting that amount of exercise a week?  This recent study below was shocking to me.


I am an active person and tend to log 150 minutes of exercise a week.  I hope that you can do that to.  In fact this week I challenge you to get in that much exercise this week.

Use these affirmations below to help you get out there and exercise.


  • I am motivated to exercise daily.
  • My body and mind feel great because I exercise routinely.
  • I look forward to my daily exercise time.
  • I love to exercise.
  • I find it easy to stick with a fitness routine.
  • I make time to take care of myself, so I can stay healthy and strong.
  • I am important and worthy of staying healthy.
  • Exercising is fun, and I’m good at it.
  • I am naturally inclined to stay fit and move my body.
  • I am fit and trim.
  • Exercise is a habit for me.
  • I am flexible.
  • I have vast amounts of energy and enjoy expending it through physical activity.
  • My mood is stable and happy due to my daily exercise.
  • Exercising is easy and enjoyable for me.

TGIM! It’s another new day!

TGIM! It’s another new day!


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Be kind.  For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You might think someone’s life looks great from the outside until one day they admit they have an alcohol addiction.  That kind of stuff happens to people all the time.  People are dealing with a lot of difficult things in their lives and sometimes you never know they are going on.  We are so good at hiding it.

Despite whatever you are going through right now, today is a new day.  Today is a new luxurious gift where you can try again.  You can choose to do hard things that you know will be good for you.  You can choose to put your best foot forward.  You can choose to love and support your friends through hard times.

Sometimes things will be really hard in your life but you can get through this.  You can do this.  The breakthrough you are looking for might be just on the other side of the good choice you make today.  Don’t just give up.  Keep going.  Keep on trying and failing and doing and working on yourself.  Then one day you might look back at yourself and find you were enough all along.


1) I am always doing my best
2) I choose my own path.
3) I am enough. 

TGIM – 07-09-2018



QUOTE OF THE DAY: I can’t control everything…but one thing I can control is my attitude and I am going to make it sure it’s a good one! 


I was thinking again today about some basic things you can do and control in your life.  I am sure there is more to add to this list, but read this article below for some good information on some things you can actually control in your life. 


For instance, you can control what you put into your body.  You can control what you eat.  You can control what you spend your money on.  You can control your exercise routine and you can control how much sleep you get.

These are some basic things you can do to have a good attitude and live a healthy life.

Do you agree or disagree with the things in the article?  What would you add to the list?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from my faithful subscribers.


1) Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.
2) Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.
3) I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.

TGIM! 07-02-2018



QUOTE OF THE DAY: “What you think about most of the time is what you become.” ~ Brian Tracy

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: How is your thought life been lately?  You become what you think about most.  A strong body follows a strong mind. 

Be still.  Focus.  Set goals.

Then step up your game, be awesome and go run towards those goals and tackle them with all you have.

When life gets hard, what do you do?

Do you take the easy way out or do the right thing even though it is hard?

The choice is yours.

Do or do not….there is no try ~ YODA.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.


1. I have a healthy body, tranquil mind and a vibrant soul.

2. I create happiness by appreciating the little things in life.

3. I embrace the rhythm of life and let it unfold.