Happy Monday! 04-30-2018

Happy Monday! 04-30-2018

This week has a high potential to be very awesome.  Don’t ya think?

Now like every week we get to work, we get to run, we get to walk, we get to move, and we go for the gold.

We hit the reset button on your life and we see how far the rabbit hole goes.

How crazy can you get this week?  How far can you go?

How long can you go?

How many steps can you get in?

Don’t give up.


Set a goal and an intention for this week for this day for this hour for this moment


And live life to the fullest.


Let’s do this!


Here is your motivational video of the day:


TGIM! 04-23-18

TGIM! 04-23-18



A grandfather is talking with his grandson and he says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other. 

One of them is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred, and fear.

The grandson stops and thinks about it for a second then he looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The grandfather quietly replies, the one you feed


You have been given new life today.  You have been given the gift of today.  Which wolf will you feed today?

This past weekend I was asked to show more love to people.  I was challenged to give more love and show more love and I was able to do that.

I mean who couldn’t use a little more love in their life right?

I asked for others to show more love and help and support and they stepped up to the plate.  And this got me thinking.

Are you stuck in a job you don’t like?  Ask for help.  Do you have a task you do not know how to do?  Ask for help.

Do you want a hug?  Ask for one.

Do you want more support from your spouse or friend or significant other or family?  Ask for the support you need and you might just be surprised at the people who step up to the plate and say they will help you.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I will show more love to the people in my life whether they deserve this love or not.  And I will expect nothing in return. 

TGIM! 04-16-2018

TGIM! 04-16-2018


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream.” ~ Les Brown 

I heard this quote in a video the other day and I also read it in a book so I thought that it was worth sharing.  I was also listening to some podcasts about fear.  The podcast talked about how fear was all in your head.  Once you actually do the thing you fear, then it becomes less and less scary.  So in order to squash your fear you have to do the thing you are most afraid of.

Where is the richest place on earth?  Is it in the millions of millions of dollars people make?  Is it in the diamond mines of the earth?  What are the riches that are inside of you?

What things, what dreams, do you have that you have not shared with the world?  Those are the riches people are missing out on.  Those are the riches that are inside you that you should not let go of.

If you died today, what dreams , what ideas , what gifts, what talents, what voice, what stories would die with you?

If you have a dream, don’t give up!  Don’t settle for life as it is!  You can live your dream.  You can do that thing.  You are unique and you are an amazing creation.  Go for what is yours in the universe.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
Steve Jobs


  • Today, my hard work will put me one step closer toward my dreams
  • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed

TGIM – 04-09-2019 – Courage

TGIM – 04-09-2019 – Courage


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E. E. Cummings

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Today’s quote and thoughts are about courage.

It takes courage to fight for your dreams, your goals and your desires.

It takes courage to get out of bed in the morning when you are depressed.

It takes courage and strength to keep fighting, and to keep going to find that next job when your current situation is jobless or your current job is not ideal.

It takes courage to be a great Mom or great Dad, or a great lover, or to leave a situation where the love in your life was not ideal.

It takes courage to face your past, fight your demons, and to grow and to be your best most authentic self.

But today I say to you, you do have that courage to rise above your circumstances and to rise triumphant over your situation.  You do not have to just settle for life as it is or as it once was.  You got this!  Today is your day.  It is a brand new day and a brand new gift and only you can decide how you will plan your next steps and plan your future.

So live well today.  Find that courage that is already inside of you and go show the world how awesome and amazing you really are.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: Today I radiate great courage and am ready for bold adventures.

Matt’s Motivational Monday 04-02-2018

Matt’s Motivational Monday 04-02-2018


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Improve yourself 1% every day! 

Have you ever heard this above quote? It’s an interesting thing to think about.  Things you might do that could help you improve yourself 1% every day include:

1) Reading 5 pages of a book a day
2) Walking for 5 minutes a day
3) Eating a little better
4) Write or journal for 5 minutes a day
5) Pick up a new hobby
6) Take an online course

Check out this fun article about this topic:

The Difference 1 Percent Makes

Figure 1 explains the difference between improving and regressing by 1 percent every day for 1 year.


As you can see, a 1 percent improvement every day for one year equals to 37.8. In other words, that’s a 3,680 percent improvement! On the other hand, a 1 percent regression equals to 00.3 – a 97 percent regression.

Maybe time doesn’t allow you to improve by 1 percent every day, but what about if you improved by 1 percent every week?

1-Percent-A-Day (2)

As you can see from Figure 2, even a 1 percent improvement every week for 1 year is still a 67 percent improvement.

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: See every day as an opportunity for a new beginning for your life. 

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