Never forget where you came from

Never forget where you came from

Happy Monday Wellness Champions!

Finish strong!

This is week 11 and I want you to finish this week with strength and with power and with health.

I want you to think back to 11 weeks ago or even before that to the beginning of the year when you made a choice.  You made a choice to count your 150 minutes of exercise and monitor your movement and to monitor your health.  So I want you to continue to honor that choice you made when you made that decision.  And I want you to honor that choice also to sign up for this class.

That was also a great choice you made.  It was a really great choice to choose the COA PE PROGRAM and this Endomondo Class.

Life is made up of a lot of choices.  And if you want to live a great life you have to make a lot of great choices again and again and again.

So today I hope you choose to get your exercise in.  I hope you choose to continue to better yourself and to master yourself.  I hope you choose to be amazing and to do things that with help you have amazing days and amazing weeks and amazing months and make this the best year of your life.

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday – RISE UP!

Happy Monday – RISE UP!

Happy Monday!

Living is not a guarantee, it is a privilege, so honor it.

Today’s theme is:  RISE UP!

Today I want you to RISE UP to your full human potential.

Today I want you RISE UP with the strength of a warrior!

Today I want you to RISE UP and defeat the demons inside of you.

Today I want you to RISE UP and get a lot of steps in!

RISE UP today and put a smile on your face.  🙂

RISE UP and realize the blessing of today and of living in the moment.

RISE UP and look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself -I AM AMAZING.   I am STRONG!  I am FULL of life.   I am a relentless DOMINATOR!

And then go forth and live your life like a true CHAMPION!

Song of the day – Andy Hunter RISE UP –

From Coach Matt

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! ~TGIM~

If you find something fun to do, do that as much as you can.

If you find something meaningful in your life, do that thing as much as you can so you can fill your life with meaning, passion and purpose.

I know there are some parts of your life or your job or your relationship with another person that you don’t like.  And that’s okay.  Everyone has that.

But when it comes time to have fun, do that with passion and purpose and gave a great Monday!

Keep on stepping towards your goals.

Keep on getting those steps in.

Keep on going.

You have what it takes to reach your goals this week.  Go do it!!

You don’t need a new year’s resolution to make a new you.  All you need is a Monday!