Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

This week has a high potential to be very awesome.  Don’t ya think?

Now like every week we get to work we get to run we get to walk we get to move and we go for the gold.

We hit the reset button on your life and we see how far the rabbit hole goes.


How crazy can you get this week?  How far can you go?

How long can you go?

How many steps can you get in?

Don’t give up.


Set a goal and an intention for this week for this day for this hour for this moment

And live life to the fullest.

Let’s do this!


Here is your motivational video of the day:

SXSW Week!

SXSW Week!

Welcome to the most epic week of the year so far in your life and in 2016.  Yep Spring Break week aka SXSW WEEK! (plus I think there is a rodeo going on)

I have a feeling it is going to be awesome do you?

Every day is a gift.  Every moment is a gift.  Every breath is a gift.
Every step you take is a gift.
Every moment you allow your brain to think positively is a gift.


Lets kick some butt this week shall we?
Shall we live this week to the fullest maximizing our everyday awesomeness?
Shall we give it all that we got?


You know that I am going to.
The question is.  Are you? 


Do you have a little fight left in you?

 Here is your song of the day:


Happy Monday!

I hope you guys got a chance to recharge your batteries this weekend.  I know I definitely did and am ready to totally dominate this day and this week with an all out massive overall awesomeness effort.

So Happy Monday!! I am ready to rock!! Are you? Monday what you got in store for us this day?!?!? Some obstacles to overcome.  No problem. Some personal struggles and demons to face.  No problem.  Some pain – I just run it all out.  Some stress I just face it and enjoy the struggle.
I channel my emotions into my runs.  I clear my head with a run.  I get endorphins when I run.
So lets run, walk and bike together this week?
Boom!  Lets do this!
Oh yeah and sometimes you need to fight to get your life back on track so in that spirit here is your Monday song of the day.